Wednesday, April 27, 2016

North Park Lake Rainbow Trout at Western Terminus of the Rachel Carson Trail

Fished Pine Creek off of Wildwood Road near North Park for a few hours and picked up three rainbow trout.  There were so many trout swimming around it looked like an aquarium.  They were not aggressive and I had to put in an effort to get the hits.

below is a rainbow trout caught at the back end of the kayak launch off of North Park Lake near the western terminus of the Rachel Carson Trail

*Remember to pack out your trash and if you see any trash laying around be a good fisherman and pick it up as well.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Scenes of Pine Creek Trout Opening Day 2016

The fishing was slow on Bryant Road on Pine Creek.  Tons of pressure and foot traffic on the creek as it looked like people were camped out for a Big Foot hunt.   Here are a couple of pics of the Pine Creek in the North Hills of Pittsburgh.

Fishing the Backwaters of Pine Creek

Caught and released a couple of trout and this creek sucker fish in the backwaters of Pine Creek just north of Pittsburgh in Hampton Townshi...