Saturday, May 31, 2014

Kozelnik Creekside - Pittsburgh Post Gazette District Fishing Report: 5.30.14

District Fishing Report: 5.30.14

Kozelnik Creekside adventure mentioned in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Raccoon Creek (Beaver County): Below the spillway May 22, using a silver Panther Martin spinner, Scott Kozelnik of Ross released fresh water drum of 13 and 15 inches, three rainbow trout and two brown trout.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Kozelnik Creekside at Raccoon Creek State Park, Pennsylvania for Day of Freshwater Drums and Trout

Kozelnik Creekside recently outfitted and guided an early morning fishing trip into Raccoon Creek State Park located in Hookstown, PA about 35 miles west of Pittsburgh, PA.

Fishing the Traverse Creek section of the park from the little bridge on Raccoon Park Road pushing towards the spillway produced about 20 fish. Several good sized Rainbow and Brown Trout, Freshwater Drum, Red-Eye rock bass, small-mouth bass and bluegills were all caught and released.  There were several dark shadows cruising the banks as well but no bites.  Plenty of wild life including snakes, creek moles, groundhogs and butterflies painted the landscape.

Bait and Tackle:  Silver Panther Martin Spinner, Night Crawlers, Chartreuse and Black Trout Magnets
Beverage: Monster Energy Ultra Red

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