Pittsburgh Creekside Explores Mysterious Pittsburgh Boat Wreck

Mysterious Pittsburgh Boat Wreck on Banks of The Allegheny River

Pittsburgh Ghost Ships
Capsized Pittsburgh Ghost Ship
If you are ever on the Three Rivers Heritage Trail on the North Shore of Pittsburgh and looking for an outdoor adventure then be sure to seek out the mysterious Pittsburgh ghost ship.  The capsized vessel lies in the boat graveyard on the banks of the Allegheny River off of River Ave. past the Heinz Lofts and Riverbend Foods in Troy Hill. For the exact location of the wreckage see the Google maps below.

Pittsburgh Shipwreck
Eye-level view of the stern and hull of wrecked boat
On the Three Rivers Heritage trail, the boat boneyard will be on your right hand side, down below on the riverbank.  There is also a rusted out barge and other very interesting river and nautical wreckage to see. Obviously, caution is advised when exploring this area as the mud is sometimes slippery and there are plenty of Jagger-bushes (Pittsburghese for thorn bushes) and dead fall around. Also, the shipwreck can be seen much better from the trail when there is no foliage or growth on the trees.

If you walk farther down the trail there are a few clearings on the river path including a wide opening of what looks like to be access to an old barge wharf or loading dock.  This area provides a great view of the capsized ship's pilot house and bow with the city of Pittsburgh vista behind it.

Pittsburgh Boat Graveyard
Hull of the ghost ship with other barge wreckage
Pittsburgh Barge Wreck
Barge wreckage on the banks of Allegheny River

Ariel photo of Pittsburgh Ghost Ship
Google Satellite Image

Google map of Pittsburgh Ghost Ship
Google Maps
According to web reports, no owners have come forth to explain what happened or to claim the Pittsburgh Ghost Ship yet.  Pittsburgh police and river authorities are still looking for the boat's Captain Jack Sparrow, maybe they should call Pittsburgh's finest - Sgt. Tom Hardy to investigate the wreck...  For those that don't know, Sgt. Tom Hardy is Bruce Willis' character in the Pittsburgh cult classic Striking Distance.

Adventure on!