Fishing for Catfish and Largemouth Bass in Pittsburgh's North Park Lake

cat fish in North Park Lake Pittsburgh

We took the refurbished 12ft Sea King out on North Park Lake in the north hills of Pittsburgh this weekend. It was a hot, sunny, beautiful day on the lake.  We free-floated nightcrawlers under some dead-fall and logs that you could only reach by boat. We caught and released a nice sized largemouth bass and a giant catfish.  A great day of fishing.

Kayak Paddling Etiquette North Park
One thing that you need to be aware of while on North Park Lake in the summertime is the elevated amount of kayak and paddle-board traffic.  It is crowded. On this particular fishing trip, we had kayaks paddle within a few feet of our boat and through our lines without apology.  I had to make a few kayakers aware that we were fishing and please respect our space and watch out for fishing lines for their safety and ours.  When paddling on North Park Lake, please use paddling etiquette so we can all enjoy our day on the water.

cat fish in North Park Lake Pittsburgh


  1. Kayakers at North Park are the most ignorant rude bunch. Yes, they paddle right up to you, cross your lines, and then ask if you are fishing. The young women are the worst.


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